Why Diamond?

Energy exploration companies turn to Diamond Resources for complete land services because they know that we get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have highly experienced people and innovative, proven systems. Our capabilities are national, but our approach is local. After 34 years in the field, we understand just how important relationships, reputation and honesty are in farming and ranching communities. Landowners trust us to play a role in the development of a potentially valuable asset of theirs. Energy companies count on us to deliver superior results.

Our Process

Why is our process so effective?

Diamond Resources has a long history of providing superior land services to a wide variety of energy development companies. We understand that, in this business, both speed and accuracy are of the essence. Unlike a typical land service company’s standard, title-driven approach, we use an efficient “quick start” process that allows you to see a prospect’s opportunity quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

It starts with rapid information gathering in the field. Rather than spend your budget on an expensive upfront title search, we quickly check to determine what acreage appears available while getting enough information to proceed with acquiring leases. Maps are immediately generated, allowing you to see the big picture and make the decisions necessary to act on leads. We realize that once a prospect is authorized, management generally wants the acreage yesterday!

Our Story

It’s all about the people.

In 1980, two North Dakota landmen with deep roots in the energy business founded Diamond Resources. Darcy Schwartz and Donn Skadeland led the company together until Darcy left to pursue other ventures. In 2005, Tod Maleckar, a long-time landman and Diamond employee, joined the leadership team. Upon Donn’s untimely passing in 2011, Tod became Diamond’s president and sole owner.

Today, from offices in Denver, Colorado and Williston, North Dakota, Diamond provides energy land services throughout the United States, working with more than 75 client companies in more than 17 states. Throughout the ups and downs of the volatile energy business, our people have established a history of consistent results, responsiveness and loyalty.

Over the years, we have had opportunities to work with the same land and mineral owners on many, many occasions. Our clients know that they can count on our people to deal with these owners in a fair and honest manner, no matter what the challenge may be, while still meeting their goals. At Diamond, we place honesty and integrity in our business dealings with clients and land and mineral owners alike above all else.

Where We Operate

Wherever there are potential energy development opportunities, you’ll find Diamond Resources. We provide complete energy land services throughout the country, with a current focus in the Rocky Mountain Region.